joyce (joyce) wrote,

Ari asked me questions for the interview meme an embarassingly long time ago, and I never got aroung to answering them. So...


1.) Which do you prefer, Seattle or NC?

That is so not a fair question. :) I love the seasons here (yes, even the winter). I love the people in general, even when they make me crazy. I like the general area that I live in fine, because it's familiar - I did spend 4 years here, the first time around - but I don't love it. I do love a lot of the food here. I love my friends here. I love love love love love the proximity to my family. That, and the chance to finish my degree and the opportunities that will come from that, are the biggest blessings about being back in NC.

There are so many things I love about Seattle. I miss the big-city-ness, and things being within walking distance, and a lot of the food (throw a rock, hit a Thai place, sushi place, terriyaki place). I miss good public transit. I miss the water. And oh, but I miss you guys.

So it's not a fair question. I love them both. Once I'm out of school and we get settled, we want to try to figure out how to live in both places part of the time, or at least take very extended vacations in Seattle. But we'll live here, because we want to get out of the city, buy land, build a house off the grid, put in a huge garden, have some animals - really a mini-farm - and we can't afford to do that in Washington. And there's the proximity to my family, too, which I'm not anxious to lose again. So.

2.) If you could do one thing in the world (i.e., job), what would you do?

Teach distance ed classes over the Internet that are interdisciplinary in nature and cover sociology and religion and relations between the two, with the option to teach in classroom any given semester if I wanted to. I want sidelines in writing textbooks and spinning yarn. :)

3.) Describe your perfect society.

I'm the worst kind of idealist - I want a socially socialist society where capitalism flourishes but everyone helps each other because they want to. :) I want every child to be wanted, the right to medical care to be guaranteed in the constitution along with the right to a lawyer, marriage returned to churches and everyone, no matter what their gender or number of mates, guaranteed the right to a civil union under law, with all the benefits thereof. I want there to be good community based child care so that if parents want to work, they can without having to worry about what's happening to their children. I want shorter work weeks so that workers are happier and get more done while they're at work, and so that parents have more time to spend with their kids and non-parents have more time for themselves, other family members, and their mates.

Er. That's a start. I'm going to go sit around a camp fire and sing now, mmkay?

4.) What's your favorite type of professor?

One who knows his or her stuff like the back of their hand, is fair, is intellectually stimulating and knows how to challenge their students, and who lays out expectations firmly at the beginning of the semester and sticks to it.

5.) What's the least pleasant class you've taken?

Excluding my engineering classes, which were unpleasant because I didn't know what the hell I was doing, the tie goes to my current Social Change class (where the prof hasn't taught in a classroom in like, 10 years, is teaching a new course, is making it up as he goes, keeps changing expectations, and there's no struture at all) and my macro level social structures class (where the professor is just incoherent.) Yeargh, they both suck. A lot. An honorable mention goes to Astrophysics in high school, which I took knowing the instructor didn't like me (he didn't like anyone) and where he yelled at us because we weren't doing as well as his juniors and seniors at Duke. Granted, some of us were at least as smart as said students at Duke and should have been doing better.

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