joyce (joyce) wrote,

Jeni and I had been bouncing emails back and forth for a few days, trying to figure out a time to hang out, (since between my work and class schedule and her gaming and life schedule, it hadn't happened in awhile) when my Islam professor created an opportunity I couldn't ignore - he cancelled class (my next to last class of the day.) [and dear $deity: please let him come back from his long weekend in a better mood.] My last class is an utter waste of time, so I had no qualms about cutting it. (For the record, this is the third class total in any subject I've missed since I've been back at State, so I really don't feel bad.) Suddenly, I had a lovely 6 hours off in the middle of a Thursday afternoon.

(I can't wait to fill out my availability sheet for next semester and mark no evenings. I had no idea that working three evenings a week would be this annoying to my social life, when I added classes in.)

Anyhow, Jeni and I had lunch at Bruegger's (sitting out in the sun to do it, so nice) and then just ran a bunch of random errands, including wandering around the Asian grocery store in Cary for an hour and a half. I was good and came away with only tea (including some green tea with brown rice, stuff that I love and didn't know they had until yesterday.) It was a lovely afternoon and it was nice to see Jeni. I miss my friends.

This weekend, there are no social obligations other than dinner Saturday night. While the last two weekends have been absolutely fun, it will be nice to have a weekend to get caught up on life and homework (especially the homework, oy. There's 45 pages of term paper to write in the next month.)

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