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Whirlwind weekend

Friday was pretty stock and standard. I went to work at the gym (and stared at the walls for two hours; we'll still on the no homework/no reading policy. My moronic coworkers keep getting caught breaking that rule, too, which is just going to make it worse for the rest of us. They get about another week before I quit (since I'm quitting at the end of the semester anyhow) and find something else to do over Christmas break.) I went to work tutoring. I went back to the gym. I went back to tutoring. I called Jeff and said "I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" and came home. I just had time to get some lunch before lycantras and her friend Corrie showed up (I thought I hadn't met Corrie before, but it turns out I did, at the House of Chris, many eons ago. This time I'll remember meeting her, I promise.) Heather was visiting Corrie in Virigina, you see, and we asked if they'd be willing to take a detour here to visit, and they were (thank you, Corrie, for bringing Heather to us and sharing part of your vacation.)

Friday night was spent sitting around, eating the huge quantities of food that I made for dinner (we did Thanksgiving food, because we'd both been craving: roasted potatoes, turkey and gravy, green bean casserole, and cornbread stuffing. I'd never had cornbread stuffing before, so I got a mix, and it was all right, but overspiced to the point that I, at least, couldn't tell it was cornbread. Next time I'll bite the bullet and make it from scratch), and talking non-stop. We rant to Cook-out for milkshakes for dessert and played with Corrie's dog. (If anyone is wondering, the cats did not do well with their first dog encounter. They spent most of the 24 hours the girls were here holed up in our bedroom. But the dog was extremely cute.)

Saturday morning we all got up and lazed around for awhile. Instead of breakfast, we were going to opt for an early lunch. I had to be back at the Crafts Center at State at 1 for a workshop. Corrie had wanted Thai food, so because of proximity and the time issues, we headed out to Thai Villa (thanks for the recommendations, folks). Where we discovered that they didn't open until noon. *facepalm* We ended up at Bear Rock for sandwiches, and then Jeff and Corrie and Heather dropped me off at State and ran off for the afternoon.

The soap workshop was fun. I'm glad I decided to have the first time I made soap be in a group setting where I could ask stupid questions instead of just trying to read directions and puzzle it out on my own. It was a bit slow - there wasn't enough equipment for some things, and the whole process is a bit of hurry-up-and-wait - but it was fun. I was the last to get mine put together, because there's two different mixtures that you have to get to the same temperature at the same time, and they just weren't cooperating. The only real trouble with the workshop was that the description said "Take home a box of your own handmade soap!" "Great," says I, having never done this before, "I can carry home a box of soap with no trouble." What the description should have said was "take home a box of your own sloshy, greasy liquid that will harden over a few days and cure over a few weeks into soap." Whoops. So I called home, discovered that the girls had left just a few minutes before, and offered to bribe Jeff with pizza if he'd come pick up me and my soap sloshy box of liquid. (He would have done it without the pizza bribe, but I was pretty exhausted at that point and didn't feel like cooking.) So he picked me up, we hit Food Lion, we discovered that Tombstones were buy one get one, purchased two, made one for dinner, and fell over into a haze of Deus Ex, sweater seaming, and Battlestar Gallatica. (Originally, Heather and Corrie had decided to come down Saturday night, which meant that we had to decline the lovely gwenifyre's Halloween party invitation. Then it got changed to Friday, and we could theoretically have made the party, but I suspected correctly that we were both going to be exhausted by that point. And we were.)

And today, today is for homework, mostly, and catching up on chores. I'm had a massive case of senoritis/don't wannas lately, so I haven't been doing homework, which means I'm out of the slack I created for myself a couple of weeks ago, and need to spend today creating more slack.

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