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So, I cast on my big black winter sweater coat thing on October 5th. I'm done with the back, the 2 front pieces, and one of the sleeves, and I'm partway up the next sleeve. It's amazing what big yarn and big needles does. :) I'm going to have about 6 balls of wool left, at about 100 yards each. Most of the leftover is because I decided not to do a hood, plus I overordered to be sure I had enough. I'm debating whether to turn the leftovers into armwarmers or legwarmers, but I'm thinking legwarmers - if I can prolong my skirt wearing habit into winter without having to wear tights, I'll be a happy girl.

I started ripping out an old sweater of mine that I hardly wear last night - it's this odd rust orange color, with massive cables on the front, and just not the kind of thing I normally wear. So I'd rather recycle it into something I will wear. It'll either turn into a top-down custom fit raglan, or a shrug, depending on what the yarn looks like after I'm done unravelling.

I don't normally wear a lot of sweaters, but I've been actively craving sweaters of all varieties lately. I'm not sure what's gotten into me, but I don't mind. I need to go thrifting soon and find more sweaters to recycle into better ones. :) It the meantime, the cardigan that sheeplass made me ages ago for my birthday has been getting a lot of wear.

Ongoing projects right now include a blanket for my cousin (which I should get back to), mine and Jeff's blanket, and Clapotis (neglected lately, I need to finish). I'm making a lap blanket for Jeff's mom for Christmas, that I need to get the yarn for. And I think that's it, right now.
Tags: crafts:knitting, crafts:knitting:anticipation

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