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It is 41 out there. Holy temperature drop, Batman.

We've got the windows open, which makes for very pleasent, cuddly sleeping, wrapped up in a ton of blankets... and slightly chillier getting up. :)

I'm bad with winter. I normally get through the winter by complaining bitterly to anyone who will or won't listen about the cold. I'm out in it a lot, and I hate being cold. (I spent most of the summer cold due to overenthusiastic air conditioning, too, but at least there's relief outside.) Anyhow, I've taken a vow this winter that I will try to get through the winter without complaint, that I will enjoy enthusiastically the good things about the seaon, and that I will acknowledge winter as a necessary part of the cycle of nature around here, in which nature gets to take a rest, reset everything, and start again. We'll see how I do.

Meanwhile, I need to locate the box with the hats and gloves, and get dressed, and get to class.

What are your favorite things about winter?

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    This morning, feeding time at the zoo: Yes, Lattimer the dog and Copper the cat are the same size. :)

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    Also, Marty is sitting on top of my knitting. Which does not make it easier to knit. Silly fur.

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    Copper has been crazy lap kitty lately. I get home, I sit down, and zoom - it's floor to lap in 3.5 seconds. She's currently curled up in a ball of…

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