joyce (joyce) wrote,

It's been a social couple of days. Yesterday, Tonya and George came over for awhile, bringing Charlie with them. That was lovely. :) Tonight was girl's night over at Tonya's, so me and her and Emily and Shannon and Amber sat around and ate food and chatted for awhile. It was lovely too.

Getting over there was an adventure, as it was game night (we were playing Clemson, I wonder if we won) (which is why I was able to go to girl's night, because work got cancelled so the guys could go to the game if they wanted) so traffic on Western was a nightmare. The bus was late. Unfortunately, people in this city seem to think they have license to yell at people standing on the sidewalk waiting for a bus, particularly if they're stuck in traffic and bored. The worst was the guy who felt the need to inform me that my "titties are big". Well, duh. Gee, I hadn't noticed. Thanks, guy. He got flipped off.

It's been a good day. I'm tired now, though.

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