joyce (joyce) wrote,

Class schedules are up for the spring. I'm not hugely excited, for the most part, about my choices, especially in soc. Part of the problem is, I'm interested in a fairly small selection of subjects in my field, and they're not really what State does. So.

I do like the religion choices. I could fill up a full time schedule with religion classes. The problem there is that the most interesting stuff (like the Buddhism class that I want to take) is taught at the same time as the one soc class I'm excited about. Gnar.

So, I think in the spring I'll be taking International Development, Community and Crime, Islamic Law, and Hindu Devotionalism. Though I might change the Hinduism class for something else. My other choices at times that I can and want to take class are Early Christianity and Introduction to the New Testament. There's a South Asian Myth class that's appealing, but it's 600 to 845 Wednesday nights. Then again, if I do that, then I can tutor in the afternoons and not need to work in the evenings.

I'd wanted to take rock climbing, but there's one section that doesn't interfere with other classes, and it would jack up my work schedule.

Maybe I should wibble about class schedules when I've slept more.

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