joyce (joyce) wrote,

Friday, I worked at the gym for 10 hours. Jeff picked me up and we ran to the store for this and that. We made chicken soup for dinner, did some knitting (well, I did, at least), some video gaming, and crashed out early.

Yesterday was more knitting, some laundry, and lots of homework. I took a inadvertent but nice nap on the couch with the kittens after one of my textbooks put me to sleep. In the evening, we went over to Jessie and Daniel's house, where they plied us with good food (Jessie is a damned good cook). We took a tour of the house (so jealous. so want house. :) ) and sat around talking (and knitting.) It was a good evening, and it was nice to see them.

Today is mostly going to be homework. And more knitting. We really need to go to the grocery store, since Friday's trip was just for a couple things and we're running out of food, but I'm not sure how lazy we're going to be...

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