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I don't normally think about clothes a lot, but I have been lately. I think this might be partially prompted by a once again desperate need to do laundry.

I hate pants that sit on my waist. I like them to sit more on my hips. Not like, low rider style, but not high water either. I don't like things constricting my waist. (I end up wearing a lot of skirts. But I can't three days a week, because three days a week, I work at the gym. I should check the dress code and see if there isn't a loophole to be found about skirts when you're sitting, because there's no reason to have to wear pants when I'm sitting and checking IDs.) Things are most comfortable right before they're falling off. But I sit all day, and I hate feeling like my pants are going to cut me in half.

Because of the way I like my pants to wear, the 20s I have are falling off of me, and the 18s are a little too tight. I have a pair of cords from Hope that I've been wearing that adjust on the sides, but they're adjusted all the way in now. I will be sad when I can't wear those pants anymore, because they're so comfy. I need to lose a couple more pounds (I was down to 197.5 the other day) so that the 18s will fit, or something. Because it's going to be cold relatively soon, and I'll need pants that fit. And they don't make 19s.

I also need to run up some of the lovely material that I've been carting around into skirts, and get some tights, and some shoes that aren't tennis shoes and aren't two inch heels, so that I can wear my skirts this winter without freezing to death. I need to hit Target and see if they have big huge flip flops on end of season sale and get a pair, so that I can wear my pants that need heels while the weather is still decent, without killing my feet running around campus in my boots with the two inch heels. And I need to do laundry, all the laundry, put the clothes together in organized fashion, and figure out what I have and don't have, because most of my clothes are hand-me-downs or things I've had forever, with a few joe-random buys in there (like the shirts from the year Hope bought me clothes for Christmas), and none of them match or go together, and occasionally it would be nice to be able to look like I didn't just get up and throw on the first two articles of clothing that's clean. Being able to do that is one of the advantages of being almost-30 and still a full-time student, but that doesn't mean that I want to do that all the time. :)

Anyhow, I should get to work.

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