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Date night last night was Juan Pedro pie and The Transporter, because Jeff had never seen it and we want to see the sequel. I'd forgotten that it's a touch slow in places for an action movie, but it's very very pretty (especially Jason Statham :) ) and there's a lot of nice explosions. :) It was a good evening.

My cults & sects teacher told us this morning that we will have a multiple choice section on the midterm, because oftentimes if it was just short answer, grades were too low. A couple of us tried to convince him to give us the option of short answer only, since multiple choice might very well lower our grade. Alas, we did not suceed. At least the final is take home.

I'm feeling less worried about my mid-terms on Tuesday. We reviewed today, and I know more than I thought I did. However, there are still a million details to cram into my head, so there's still much more studying to come.

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