joyce (joyce) wrote,

How to scare a new cat owner

There is apparently a hole in the kickboard between the stove and the sink. It's not the kind of thing you'd notice unless you're a couple inches off the ground, like, oh, a 9 or 10 week old kitten. You know, the space under there is probably just underneath the cupboards and doesn't go anywhere, and I'm sure she was in and out of there half a dozen times yesterday while we were at work/school, but that didn't make me panic any less when I saw her hind end disappearing underneath the counter.

Luckily, having seen them swarm over half a can of wet food the other day, I figured that would do the trick, and it did. I waved the other half of the can in front of the hole, and she came right out. The hole and the matching one on the other side have blankets stuffed in them until we rig up something more permanent.

I cannot imagine having kids.

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