joyce (joyce) wrote,

I spent awhile this afternoon printing off most of the readings that I have left for the semester, and organizing my academic existence (again). There's the notebook for my notes, the notebook with the to-be-read queue in it (so that I can work on those readings at school and work on readings in textbooks at home, and haul less stuff back and forth), the already-read Islam notebook, the already-read Cults notebook, the notebook for my own side research, the notebook with the articles I've found so far for my research project in my Violence class (I'm doing my term paper on same-sex domestic violence. It's depressing stuff, and I haven't even really gotten that far into it. But it's necessary stuff, too.) At the rate my teachers assign readings, I will soon own large chunks of books, printed from PDFs and three-hole punched. I've been throwing around various ideas for a graduation present to myself, but I'm starting to think that a good file cabinet would be the most practical. :)

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