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We're talking about premillennial dispensationalism (basically, the Jesus is coming and we know when, or think it's at least really soon) crowd in class this week, so once again, I find myself staring down a healthy dose of writing by Tim LaHaye to read for class. Hello, Mr. LaHaye, I did not miss you at all for the last six months. (There for awhile, the latest Left Behind book was shelved directly next to the newest Laurell K. Hamilton book on the new books shelf at the library. I was rather amused.)

The same professor that taught my Religion and Politics course last semester and is teaching the Cults, Sects, and Minority Religious movements class now is teaching Religion and American history in the spring, instead of a class on Globalization, which had been vaguely pitched. There's going to be enough overlap with the last two classes - especially the politics one, I'm guessing - so that I don't think I will take it. Which leaves me with an open slot, if I'm going to be taking a full-time schedule (two sociology classes, Islamic law, and something. And rock climbing.) Hrms. I wonder if I can talk my way into the honors Religion and Conflict class, if it's offered again. There's got to be a way to get around that GPA requirement. :)

Right. I should get back to reading.

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