joyce (joyce) wrote,

Paper take one is done. I just need to go back and resolve all the places where I put "[insert quote here]". I don't think I'm going to manage to work Mulder into this paper in a plausible way, after all. :)

Paper writing is a pretty organic thing for me. I don't outline. I don't write things out on paper first. I just kind of jump in feet first, writing out part of the question, then going back and adding stuff in, writing introductions and conclusions last, and putting in stuff like [add the part about the whatsit here]. (One of these days, I'm going to manage to leave one of those in a paper by accident, much to the amusement of the grader. Let us hope that it's not when I write my thesis.) It works, and I do well. It's mildly haphazard, though, and I should probably develop better habits at some point.

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