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I feel so much better today than I did yesterday. I think between classes and work I was thoroughly overpeopled. An evening of quesidillas, wine, knitting, and video games, and a good night's sleep, seems to have done the trick.

(Of course, between yon high school reunion today and work tonight, that may be undone. Meh.)

I've been on a bit of a knitting jag lately. Clapotis is a little more than halfway done (and so pretty; I will be making this again.) I've been poking at this gray scarf that I've been working on forever - it started out as a simple lace pattern, when my knitting skills were still pretty non-existent. I got disgusted with how much I was messing up and switched to random stitch patterns. Now that it's a couple years later and my knitting is better, I'm going to keep up with the random for a bit then finish up the other end in the lace. The baby blanket is 10 rows away from being done (huzzah! :) )

Speaking of lace, I've been feeling kind of brave lately, and thinking I wouldn't mind trying lace. This is pretty (it's about the only thing on the new Knitty that I like) and doesn't look too bad. Hrms. I'd need to find a yarn sub, but that wouldn't be hard.

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