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I am so tired. Tuedays and Thursdays are crazy, crazy long days. I'm not in the mood to herd cats tutor tonight, but there's not much choice in the matter, so.

I ran into one of the guys I tutor in the evenings yesterday morning, going into the tutoring center to tutor other people. "What are you doing out this here this early? They have tutoring this early when you're over with us until late?" Yea, well. "Wow. Well, we really appreciate it." That was really sweet to hear. :)

My normal study hall snack is baby carrots. The guys have been coming in lately with bags of Wendy's and bbq. I think I need to start brining a slightly more substantial snack with me for the evenings, because it's difficult to keep gnawing on carrots sticks in front of people eating french fries.

I placed my first ever inter-library loan request yesterday. Do I get geek points for that? :)

My Islam teacher told me that my paper last week was excellent, and has offered to try to organize a field trip to a mosque this semester. I am unduly pleased.

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