joyce (joyce) wrote,

"you dead yet, baby?"

Last night, we had Amber over for dinner, since it'd been ages since we'd seen her. We made enchiladas, salad, rice, beans, and brownies (and were all suitably stuffed :) ), chatted, and played a little speed Scrabble. It was good to see her, and a good visit.

Today so far has mostly been homework, knitting, and NPR. We ventured out to Blue Ridge to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith, finally (us and half of Raleigh.) I really, really, really liked it. I'm all bouncy now, and wish I could go out and kick some ass. ;)

Under the category of things that don't make sense: why was the trailer for the Transporter II, which featured something like 50 people in 2 minutes being blown away and a kid in mortal danger, rated for all audiences, but the trailer for the Brothers Grimm, which featured nothing more dangeorous than a violent tree, rated PG-13? That doesn't make a damn bit of sense. Secondly, why were there kids who looked to be six and seven years old watching a movie with that much violence? They were actually pretty well behaved, but, call me old-fashioned, but do kids that age really need to see two people who are playing a married couple trying to blow the hell out of each other?

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