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My theory professor set a new record for lateness this morning. Usually he rolls in about 15 minutes late; today, it was half an hour. The TA eventually sent around an attendance sheet and said it was up to us whether we stayed or went. I stuck around, because I was reading for another class, and eventually the prof showed up. Class would be more enjoyable if 1) his lecture style didn't resemble that of your stereotypical revivialist preacher and 2) he made a damn bit of sense and was capable of following his own syllabus. Gnar. I need this class, too. Good thing I like reading. I think I'll email the TA and ask who's going to be grading the tests.


I'll be glad when it starts cooling off, simply because it'll be nice when the inside and outside temperatures are closer. It's freezing inside and roasting outside. I've been compromising with a lot of long skirts, but today I felt like shorts, even though I knew it was a really bad idea, and I'm already a popsicle, complete with goose bumps. Whoops. :)


We had a book to read for class - well, parts of a book, but I went ahead and read the whole thing, because it was short and easy enough, and made more sense that way - on Southern snake-handlers. I feel like I have things to say about it - it was a pretty amazing book - but they're still brewing.

It is time to be getting to that class, though. Which at least promises to be more interesting than the one I just came from. :)

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