joyce (joyce) wrote,

I have this problem, when I'm in school, of being single-minded about homework until it makes me crazy. This is not one of my better qualities. :) I got quite a bit of my homework for the week done, but not all of it. I hit a wall where there was just not going to be any more school reading done for the day, and I wisely quit. My paper for Tuesday is drafted, my reading summary for Tuesday is drafted, and more than half of my reading summary for Thursday is done. I'm in pretty good shape. I need to try to remember to get in some activity that's not school or work every day - I managed to get in some pleasure reading, some knitting, and a movie today, so I'm feeling a lot more sane. And this week should be the last week for 6am shifts, so.

Clapotis is coming along. It's going to be soooo pretty. :) I've decided that I want to make this, but not in the recommended $300 worth of yarn (sheesh!) It's just knit stitches, perl stitches, short rows, and picking up stitches. I can do that.

I'm really not in the mood to go to bed, but, well, tomorrow is one of those 6am mornings. Goodnight, moon.

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