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For lunch, I took some leftover mashed potatoes from last week, made them up into potato cakes, and fried them up. I melted some cheddar cheese on top and sliced up one of the tomatoes that Dad brought me from his garden yesterday. While they certainly wouldn't rival, say, Claim Jumper's potato cakes, they were pretty darned tasty. Breakfast was an egg fried up with more tomatoes and green peppers (the green peppers from my Dad's garden always taste so much better than the store brought ones. I'm finally developing a taste for green peppers) and sausage and more cheese, wrapped up in tortillas. It's been a good food day.

Today's goal is to get most, if not all, of my homework for the week done. So far, I'm cruising along pretty well. I've got the rough draft of my paper due Tuesday done, and it's perculating. Now I'm up to a summary of the arguments for whether or not the Quran is created or uncreated. I like that I have a professor who I know won't be offended if I start out with "The main thrust of these arguments is 'We're right, and you're wrong.' " However, he would be offended if I didn't continue with something a little more substantial than that, so back to writing I go. :)

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