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My social change teacher sang to us today. Played the mandolin and sang "Stop, hey, what's that sound" (I'm sure there's a proper name for that song) and some John Lennon song. I cannot believe I'm getting 400-level soc credit for this class.

My tutorees were incredibly hyper tonight. I hope this isn't going to be the case every Thursday night. They were hyper, and the tutors were dead tired. It wasn't the world's best combination, but we got some work done despite it.

Tomorrow is so Friday. I couldn't be more pleased. Tomorrow afternoon after work, I need to clean house, and we need to take the recyclables and go to the store so I can feed my parents Saturday. Saturday morning I have to work, Saturday afternoon my folks show up and we go get a bed. (Speaking of which, artisanal_xara, did we ever set a time?) Somewhere around Saturday night, I get to fall over.

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