joyce (joyce) wrote,

My tutoree for this afternoon called me mid-afternoon and asked if I wanted to meet early today. I got a half-an-hour jump on my afternoon. Woot. :) I was home by three, and it was soooooo nice.

Everything that needs to be done for tomorrow is done. I volunteered to lead the class dicussion in Social Change tomorrow, wanting to get it out of the way. He also said he would grade the folks who did it early more kindly. My reading summary for Cults is done too. I will do Islam reading tomorrow morning at work. Everything else, I will get caught up on over the weekend. House cleaning can occur Friday afternoon. I may start breathing again here soon.

But for now, what needs to be done tomorrow is done, which means that I can spend some time with my boyfriend this evening instead of rolling home from work, eating some dinner, and falling into bed. Woot. One more week and things get more sane.

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