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So, I'm sitting at work today, doing homework and scanning IDs, and so many people that came through my line blinked at me and said "Wow, you're studying already?" What, you mean you're not? It wasn't just students, either; there were faculty doing that. The mind boggles.

P.E. classes are generally taught two days a week, and not on Fridays (except for a couple of two hour long classes that only meet on Fridays, like tap dancing.) So many people wandered into the gym today looking for their P.E. classes that weren't meeting. I can understand not knowing necessarily that P.E. only meets two days a week, but why weren't these people looking at their schedules before they got dressed out and came to the gym?

I have to read the entire 9/11 Commission Report by mid-November. I read the first two chapters today. It's interesting, but not what one would call light reading.

It's time to wander off and cook dinner, however; homework can wait for a bit. :)

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