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My PE teacher was wearing WAY too much makeup this morning. She says she's been teaching for 20 years, which would make her over 40, and for 40-something, she looks really good. But she'd look even better if her face wasn't plastered on.

Most of my first day of school excitement comes tomorrow, since everything but PE is Tuesday/Thursday. We got our syllabus, went over the attendance policy, talked a little about the class ("If you're looking for easy, this is not the easiest class. Go sign up for Fitness Walking") and took a tour of the gym (which I needed ever so much :) ). I got drafted for work an hour early, since someone no-showed, and sat there and gave directions for three hours. It's home for awhile, then back to work, then to bed early, since I have to be at work at 6am tomorrow and then in class from 830 to 415.

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