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I'm debating giving the Anita Blake books another try. I stopped with Obsidian Butterfly, because, like a lot of folks, I was becoming annoyed at the growing amount of whacky sex and the decreasing amount of ass-kicking. However, I find myself curious about what's happening next with Anita and company (particularly Edward, since OB was the Edward book) and I think I'm curious enough to give the books another try. They would make decent work reading, at least, once I'm done the Harry Potters - fluffy enough to be interuptable, but not horribly so (never mind that after Thursday, I really should be reading homework at work.)

I finally got into Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell today, by taking it to work and leaving Harry at home. I didn't get that far into it, since I finished one book and started another, too, but got far enough in (about 90 pages) that I think it'll stop putting me to sleep, which is what the first 15 pages did. It's interesting to be reading two very different books about magic in Britain at the same time. JS&MN is quite a bit more dry than I was expecting, though, and the footnotes, while interesting, are distracting. Of course, when one is trying to read and direct three trillion freshmen at the same time, I expect almost anything would be difficult to focus on.

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