joyce (joyce) wrote,

I finally finished Order of the Phoenix.

1. Man. I liked Sirius. Though it was better than another student dying.
2. I still hate Snape. Though I don't feel very kindly towards Harry's dad these days, either.
3. Man, you couldn't pay me to be a teenager again.
4. Morons. This whole book (which, really, couldn't it have been shorter somewhere?) was filled with bloody morons, with the possible exceptions of Fred, George, Ginny, and Neville. Sheesh. At least Dumbledore said he'd been stupid, in the end.
5. Umbridge really should have met with a much worse end than she did. She set dementors on Harry and didn't catch any hell for that at all, never mind all the other crap she did through the rest of the book?
6. I really, really like the person that Ginny is turning into. The part where she said "Growing up with Fred and George, you start to think that you can get away with almost anything" made me giggle, a lot.
7. It would be horribly amusing were it Neville in the end. I'm glad that we're getting hints that there's a lot more to him than we might have expected, if people would just, you know, treat him like he's got it in him.

I'm glad I got through the book, so that I can read the rest, but, damn, a lot of bad stuff happened in this book. At least I'm assured by a lot of people that HBP is a lot better.

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