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Yesterday, I cast on for this. I'd been wanting to make one for awhile now, but had been put off by the long and rather intimidating (to me) looking pattern. But I looked at all the stitches and realized that I knew how to do them all, and that the pattern only looks complicated because she pretty well writes out every row for you, and I jumped in. I'm about halfway through the increase rows. It's going to be pretty. :) And it's actually pretty easy, because on each row, if you don't have enough stitches to do what you need to do, you know you forgot to increase on the last row. It's a built-in dummy check. :)

I am not, however, making it out of the proscribed yarn, since 3 balls at $30 apiece is too rich for me. This first one is being done up in some Red Heart that I have lying around, and if I like it when it's done, I'll get something a little nicer for the next one. I kind of want one in a nice bright red to wear this winter.

Tonya is coming over for some crafting goodness today. However, if this weather keeps up, there will not also be swimming goodness. =/
Tags: crafts:knitting

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