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The original plan for today was that Tonya would call me early afternoon and we would work on some crafty stuff. However, I was guilty of doing something that I'm occasionally guilty of and tried to cram too much stuff into one day, making plans for a date with Jeff this evening without having a firm idea of when and how long Tonya and I were going to be crafting. She called, we chatted, we decided that today really wasn't going to work out after all (and, it sounds like it worked out well all around, so) and decided on Tuesday.

The movie part of yon date was finally seeing Hitchiker's. It wasn't bad... Douglas Adams is almost too surreal to be brought to the screen effectively, in my opinon. Jeff's never read the books, so some parts had him going "What the fuck?" And Trillian should have been played a lot smarter. Other than those quibbles, it was fun and pretty and not bad, which is about what I was expecting out of it. Dinner was El Rodeo and some good conversation, and now we're home again. I think the rest of the evening is going to be things like 24, knitting, and reading.

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