joyce (joyce) wrote,

bleh. packing. i hate packing. process of packing goes something like this:

- empty green bag. read for five minutes.
- roll up a couple t-shirts. irc for ten minutes.
- realize that if i'm going to wear boots around nc for a week and a half, i need to remember socks. wonder if i have 10 pairs of matching socks...
- think about taking sandals instead. realize that mother will fuss the whole time if i wear sandals in december.
- contemplate wearing shorts on the plane home just to be annoying. =)
- check weather in NC. squash the shorts idea.
- realize i really need to be packing, roll up a couple shirts...
- irc some more.


it's not so much a question of if i'm going to forget something as what... i remembered pj's (can't sleep naked at the folks' house), remembered socks... i'll double-check meds, keys, and visor before i go, and i guess anything else isn't really that important, right?

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