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Farmer's market, Bruegger's, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter. Good grief. :) Farmer's market because we wanted to see what was out and what's in season. We want to start eating more local food stuffs [bookmark: there's a post coming on this issue]. However, most of what's out there is, of course, produce, and since Jeff doesn't eat cooked vegetables and I can only eat so much at one time, we didn't come away with a whole lot. We want to go back with more cash on hand and stock up on local made jellies, though, and a small host of other things - we sampled some local-made pineapple-orange jelly that was amazing. :) We did come away with some really nice looking corn, a baby watermelon, and a couple pounds of tomatoes. Total damage: $4.30. Dude.

Bruegger's was for day old bagels. Whole Foods was for the stuff we get at WF: recycled TP, their house brand coffee, bulk steel cut oats, a fresh mini-bagette for me to go with the tomatoes. Harris Teeter was for the stuff that we're not willing to pay for at WF or that WF doesn't sell: salad stuff, meat for tomorrow night, diet Coke for me. Wheeeee. There was a library trip in there too, so the afternoon wasn't completely about food. Just most of it. :) I have Harry Potters 3, 4, and 5 in my grubby paws. I expect to be completely OD'ed on Harry Potter in the next couple of weeks.

Dinner tonight is chicken and salad and watermelon for dessert. Dinner tommorow night is chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn. There's also grapes and strawberries to enjoy, and tomato salad impending for me. I've seen other people say this, and it's true - when you eat as well as you can reasonably afford, it makes you feel rich, whether you are or not.
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