joyce (joyce) wrote,

You know it's the week before finals when the computer lab is packed during drop-in hours at the tutorial center.

I finished the first Harry Potter this morning at work, after taking Tonya's sensible advice of just skipping the first couple of chapters, since not much happens in them anyhow. Luckily, in the second one, the Dursleys are limited to 28 pages. I'm nearly a 100 pages into the second one, having picked it up from the library tonight. I'd forgotten just how mean some people are to Harry and his friends since I'd last read these - after all, I read the second one back when it first came out, which is years ago now. I'd also forgotten just how fast these books read - they are, after all, kids books, even the ones that are 800 pages. Finally, I'd forgotten how lovely the books are, and how jealous they make me that I can't do magic. :)
Tags: books, work:tutoring

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