joyce (joyce) wrote,

I had an encounter of the four-legged variety this morning. I walked up the hill and around the corner to get to frat court so I could walk through it to get to school, when about 100 yards ahead of me I see something - dog, fox? - bound out of the woods, cross the road, and stop. I started muttering to myself "good doggie, good doggie" even though it couldn't hear me at that distance, and it watched me back away. I went around the long way to school, getting mud all over my shoes and almost but not quite running late to work. I don't like strange animals, especially when I can't decide if they're a dog, fox, or something else, and so I wasn't about to walk past it. I hope it's gone tonight when I have to walk back through frat court at 9 at night to get home.

Meh, I'm crazy tired today. One more week of this whacked-assed schedule.

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