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Today there were eggs and sausage and biscuits for breakfast, and then we ran errands, braving the mall and Target. Target for the school supplies and camp chairs, and the mall for B&N and coffee and book browing, because, well, we're geeks like that. We all managed to escape without actually buying any books, though. There was home, and lunch and Settlers and napping and computing and knitting. I cleaned out notebooks and organized notes from last semester, and sliced open my knuckles on a fan, because I'm talented like that. There's been some Desus Ex and AOE, too. Hope eventually took off for home, and Jeff and I ate some leftovers and watched a couple episodes of Next Gen. I hate it whe Star Trek makes me cry. :)

Now I think it's time to go to bed and read, once I can decide what I feel like reading. I'm not sure I'm in the mood for anything heavy. I have some lovely kids lit checked out that would be about right, but I'm trying to save that for my 6am shifts, since I'm not awake enough to read anything heavier at 6am. I've got the first Harry Potter out, since I'm rereading them so I can get caught up with the rest of the world, but I hate the first part of that book, with Harry's aunt and uncle. Hrms.

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