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Today was such a good day. Well, after work in the morning, when I… 
28th-Jul-2005 11:20 pm
Today was such a good day. Well, after work in the morning, when I had a not-quite fight with my tutoree over whether he needed to actually get off his ass to do a field assignment instead of looking up stuff on the Internet ("Why are you here?" "To get an education." "Well, you're not doing that by doing assignments half-assed." "Yea, I am." "What are you going to do after school?" "Play football and fish." "And what if you can't play ball?" "God will provide." "Sorry, hon, God provides for those who provide for themselves.") After that, it was a good day. I had a tasty lunch with Daniel and Jessie at El Rodeo (mm, chicken chimichanga. So good.) Daniel gave me crack, in the form of replacement AOE discs that he didn't need anymore, since he has the mac version too. (My discs have been among the missing for quite awhile; I don't know how long, since I tend to install the no-cd crack so I don't have to find my cds every time I want to play. But I reinstalled earlier this year... whoops.) I came home and got a nap (mmm, sweet sleep) and then Jeff put more crack on my computer, in the form of Deus Ex. I rediscovered just how bad I am at first-person-shooters (really, really bad. I have no sense of direction, so I wander the map aimlessly, and I have no aim. I can either dodge or shoot, but not both.) I have fun playing them, but I'm just bad at them. :) I managed to frag his ass once, which is pretty good for me. We made a brief grocery trip to get stuff for dinner. Dinner was stuffed shells, salad, and brownies, and wine provided by Huxley and Jeni, along with some good conversation. We hadn't seen them in ages. It was a nice dinner, and a nice evening.

There's a huge fricking thunderstorm rolling around out there. It's nice to listen to from in here; I just hope it's not at it tomorrow morning when I need to walk to work.

Tomorrow promises to be every bit as good, as blessed.
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