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Every time I talk to my mom (which I did yesterday) she asks "So what… 
26th-Jul-2005 08:14 am
Every time I talk to my mom (which I did yesterday) she asks "So what have you been up to lately?" And really, the answer is always "not much." Going to work, coming home, housework, laundry, reading, movies. It's been a pretty quiet summer. Fall looks to be a lot busier. :)

I'm signing up to take a soap-making worksoap at the end of October. That ought to be fun. There's other stuff I want to take, but the main thing - the spinning class - is scheduled when I'm going to be working, and I'm wary of taking on anything else right now, since I'm adding work to school, until I see how my classes are going to be. There's plenty of time in the spring (and past that, it's not like Raleigh is the only place that has arts classes). (And if I keep telling myself that, I'll believe it.)

Hohum. I'm boring myself, today. We need to do laundry today, and clean house, and decide what we're feeding Jeni and Huxley when they come over on Thursday. I need to finish my bookclub book (which is picking up, but is still kind of slow). Ho, hum.
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