joyce (joyce) wrote,

we're being invaded

There are about 8 trillion incoming freshmen on campus. Thus far, I have managed to stay out of their way, except that they keep getting brought into the gym for tours.

I am exceedingly glad that it's Friday. This has nothing to do with the freshmen; I'm just glad that it is.

I actually had a good morning at work this morning, and helped someone with an assignment and was able to leave feeling like they'd gotten something out of it and left with a better understanding than they'd come with. That let me grin all morning.
Tags: work:tutoring

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    In honor of today's events, my subconcious treated me to nightmares about failing classes all night. Stupid brain. :)

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    What I need to do to graduate, a list by Joyce, age 29: - finish reading Madhumalati (currently on p. 110 122 136 156…

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