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I know we're late to this party, but we got the first disc of the first season of 24 to start in on. And verily, it is very, very good, just as I've heard from multiple sources. Unfortunately, the disc is banged up, with screwed up the end of the second episode and the beginning of the third. Gnar. Back to Netflix the disc goes, and hopefully we'll get a replacement soon.

They came out and refilled the freon in the AC today. No more freezing up, and it's actually very comfortable in here again. Yay for the maintenance dudes.

The guy I'm tutoring, that doesn't want to read his book? I got him to read the summaries on the cd that comes with the book. I count that as a victory.

Being at work at 6 didn't kick my ass quite as hard today as it has been, but I want to get up and go swimming tomorrow morning before I have to be at the tutoring job, which means I need to be going to bed, oh, now.
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