joyce (joyce) wrote,

What a good day.

Lunch with Jessie and Daniel was very nice. I hadn't seen them in ages, so we talked houses and school and jobs, and it was fun. We went to Two Guys, where I forewent normal Two Guys food and got a really nice salad with tomatoes and blue cheese and spinach and shrimp. "Work" at the computer lab went quickly enough. We ran to Food Lion to grab a couple of things for dinner, and came home and did a little straightening up. Hope and Faith showed up (sneaking into the house, since we'd left the front door, scaring us half silly). We got in the pool for awhile, made tacos and fruit salad for diiner, and played Scrabble and Settlers. Now everyone's settled down to reading and sleeping. It's been a really good day.
Tags: family:sisters, personal:life

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