joyce (joyce) wrote,

I made it to work at 6am again (and actually woke up about five minutes before my alarm, which pleases me; I hate that heart-pounding startled feeling from waking up to the alarm) and made it through tutoring (how the HELL these guys managed to graduate high school, let alone get into college, is beyond me; I have a long rant that's slowly bubbling away about education and expectations and how we're ill-serving everyone involved, including our students) and worked my hour in the computer lab, and got Subway for lunch with Tonya and went over to Southpoint with her and matched and procured paint for her baby's room. On the drive back from Southpoint, I was starting to drift off, and she dropped me off, I came upstairs, kissed Jeff, and fell over for an hour, completely out of steam. Now I'm still trying to wake up, and kind of walking around muddle-headed. I need to do some straightening up, since we've got my sisters coming in for a visit tomorrow.

I'm taking a class on Violence, Terrorism, and Public Policy in the fall, which I think is going to be horribly interesting. I had to order a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report for it; in a bit of timing, it was in my mailbox when I got home today.
Tags: school:classes, sleep:bad, sleep:dreams, work:gym

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