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35. The mysterious affair at Styles / Agatha Christie (6/1; fiction)
36. Prince Caspian : the return to Narnia / C.S. Lewis (6/1; fiction)
37. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes / Sir Author Conan Doyle (6/4; fiction; audiobook)
38. Lonely Planet unpacked / Tony Wheeler and others (6/4; non-fiction)
39. The hound of the Baskervilles / Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir (6/8; fiction)
40. The time traveler's wife : a novel / by Audrey Niffenegger (6/9; fiction)
41. Alas, Babylon / Pat Frank (6/11; fiction; reread)
42. Death du jour / Kathy Reichs (6/13; fiction)
43. Going postal / Terry Pratchett (6/20; fiction)
44. Gods in Alabama / Joshilyn Jackson (6/22; fiction)
45. Eleven on top / Janet Evanovich (6/27; fiction)
46. The voyage of the Dawn Treader / C.S. Lewis (6/29; fiction)
47. Mort / Terry Pratchett (6/30; fiction)

In theory, I'm reading Agatha Christie beginning to end. The reality is, I enjoyed The mysterious affair at Styles, even if it was more of the same on top of all the Sherlock Holmes I'd been reading, but then couldn't get into the next two books of hers that I picked up. I do not like Tommy and Tuppence. This experiment is going to take some rethinking.

I'm still moving along on the Chronicles of Narnia. I've got The Silver Chair on request and it should be in my paws early next week. It was interesting to see how Voyage grew longer and more complex than the first two. I'd started reading the series when I was a kid and stopped, and I'm pretty sure that I stopped with Voyage, because I remember the part with the magic book and Lucy. So I'm looking forward to the Chair.

I've said most of what I had to say about The Time Traveler's Wife over at the book club, but if you haven't read it, read it. Now. Don't be put off by the length; it was the quickest 500 page book I've ever read. It was amazing and lovely and made me cry, a lot.

Death Du Jour was the second in a series about a female forensic anthropologist based out of NC and Canada. They're what the Scapetta books were before Patricia Cornwell went off the deep end. If this is your kind of thing, I highly recommend, but start at the beginning. I have the next one on request, as well.

I fell in love with Terry Pratchett this month. I decided after finishing Going Postal that I would start in on the Death subseries, because, well, it's a series about Death, that's got to be fun, right? And oh, but it was. Who would have thought that Death liked curry? The next one is, yea, on request.

Gods in Alabama was an odd little novel about guilt, murder, family, race, love, and redemption. I liked it, but it made me impatient - I kept catching myself wanting to flip to the end and see what happens. And I wanted to clock the protagonist a few times for being stupid. But the author knew what she was about, pegging how people would have reacted in different situations well. He description of the protagonist's white, semi-racist family meeting her black boyfriend for the first time was dead on. I ended up reading it because I saw it on Audible, where the description says "When Arlene Fleet heads up north for college, she makes three promises to God: She will stop fornicating with every boy who crosses her path; never tell another lie; and never, ever go back to the "fourth rack of hell", her hometown of Possett, Alabama. All she wants from Him is one little miracle: make sure the body is never found." (This isn't a spoiler; Arlene tells you this in something like the first 15 pags of the book. It was worth reading, and made good work reading, and was a quick read, too.

Eleven on Top was much, much better than I was expecting. I'll read the next one. Some new plot devices need to be found, though. One girl can only explode so many cars.
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