joyce (joyce) wrote,

I work today at the gym from 8 to 1 and 6 to 9, and I wanted to work out beforehand so that I would have a reasonable amount of time to come home in between, so I got up way the hell too early this morning. (But it's good practice for next week, when I have to be up at quarter of 5 in the morning.) I decided I wasn't up to facing the elliptical thingie, mostly out of boredom, and the pool is closed until Tuesday, so I grabbed my raquetball raquet and went and hit around a ball for the first time in many, many moons. I got some good exercise out of it, and only whacked myself in the face once, and only ran full on into the wall once, so I call that a success, and something that I think I should keep doing. And it prevented me from actually banging some heads over my paycheck. :)

I sooo need a nap.
Tags: body:exercise, work:gym

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