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still madly knitting squares

The hyper mitered square making has abated, but not by much. I also cast on for my cousin's blanket that I'm making, so now I have two projects full of squares running. His is in Caron Simply Soft, in gray and two shades of blue, since those are what he reported his favorite colors to be. I'm doing three row wide stripes and just alternating the colors, so it's going to be a lot less random than the blanket I'm making for me and Jeff. and the squares are 13 inches on a side, so they're going to take longer to make, but they're going to be nice and big and get more of the blanket done with each square. It's going to be a welcome to North Carolina, housewarming, or random present, depending on when it gets done. I ought to email him and ask what his timetable on putting up the house is.

I have to say, after spending a couple of weeks knitting only with Homespun, that knitting with Simply Soft feels like knitting with fishing line.
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    This morning, feeding time at the zoo: Yes, Lattimer the dog and Copper the cat are the same size. :)

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    Also, Marty is sitting on top of my knitting. Which does not make it easier to knit. Silly fur.

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    Copper has been crazy lap kitty lately. I get home, I sit down, and zoom - it's floor to lap in 3.5 seconds. She's currently curled up in a ball of…

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