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"The fate of the free world in the hands of hustlers and thieves.

How's that different from any other night?"

xXx: State of the Union: needed a better director, but was very fun and very pretty. It also needed more screentime for Samuel L. Jackson, and female actors who did more than say things like "I hear you needed a riiiiide." However, it had a fairly decent plot, good supporting actors, and lots of uber-quoteable lines and a great soundtrack (well, the kind of soundtrack you'd expect from a movie starring Ice Cube. If you like that kind of music, and I do, then it was a good soundtrack.) I'm pleased with the $1.50 apiece and 2 hours we spent watching it.

Speaking of the soundtrack, Amazon tells me that I can get it used for $3.95, which means it'll probably be mine sooner than later. However, Amazon also tells me it's copy-protected. Dammit, the first thing I'm going to do with a cd full of rap and r&b is rip it to mp3 so that I can listen to it when I'm working out. Jeff tells me I can get around the copy-protection easily enough, but I shouldn't have to. Dear music industry: give me incentive to give you my money instead of just looking for the album elsewhere. Meh.
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