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A couple of weeks ago, I needed a break from the main knitting… 
26th-Jun-2005 12:04 am
A couple of weeks ago, I needed a break from the main knitting project (that I really should get back to and work on finishing.) My mom gave me an unholy amount of Lion Brand Homespun for Christmas, which I couldn't figure out what to do with. So I've been obsessively knitting squares for the last few weeks, which will eventually turn into a blanket for Jeff and me that will look a little something like this. (My directions, however, came from here. This is a garter stitch version and a much simpler pattern.) Knitting the squares is almost annoying addictive and full of instant gratification; I've turned out much more knitting in the last couple of weeks than I normally do, and have probably been annoying people by shoving the pile of squares at anyone who comes near them and saying "look! see! aren't the pretty?" Minre are a bit more ... random, than any of those pictured; I only have two that are nice neat squares of alternating rows like that.

I really need to get around to getting a new battery for the camera so I can take pictures of my knitting.
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