joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, many many ages ago, gwenifyre loaned me a Kaplan GRE test prep book, so I could study for my GREs. When I first got the book and cd from her, I took the diagnostic test without studying and got a 470 on the math and a 420 on the verbal, which I was pretty unhappy with. Well, I finally got off my ass and actually did quite a bit of studying this week, and I took another practice test this morning (just the math part) and bumped up my math score to a 680. That's more like it. :) I still have gobs of studying to do, though. The biggest things I've noticed so far are that I have to watch my time and not get stuck on any one problem, and I've got to read the directions completely. I need to sit down and run through a full practice test a few more times, too, so I can get used to the idea of taking a three hour test on the computer in one chunk.
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