joyce (joyce) wrote,

What an excellent day.

Tomorrow being Father's Day and Monday being my mom's birthday, we wanted to celebrate a bit. Hope has to work tomorrow, so it happened today. We wandered up there around lunch time, and there was Scrabble and chatting and knitting and frozen pizza for lunch and tramping around Dad's land and soccer. Dinner was an unholy amount of grilling - chicken, steak, zuccini, and squash - and corn and cheese potatoes, and pound cake with strawberries for dessert. There was some Settlers after dinner, and then we had to head home. It was a really, really great day, and I feel pretty blessed to be able to go and do stuff like that these days. :)

Jeff and I seem to have some of our best talks on long car rides.
Tags: family, personal:life

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    Scrabble. Barbeque (italian sausages, hamburgers, potato chips, raw vegetables, baked beans). Ice cream at Homeland Creamery. What a very nice day. :)

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