joyce (joyce) wrote,

We went at saw Sahara at Blue Ridge. It had gorgeous people, gorgeous scenery, good characters, some decent laughs, and a plot you could drive a truck through. It was great big fun. :)

Not great big fun was the small child screaming through the movie. (Actually, there were a lot of small children, like, toddler sized, in the movie. I don't get it. It was an evening showing of a non-kids movie. There was nothing in this movie to appeal to a child under five except the sand.) I love kids. And I know parents need to get out too, and that sitters can't always be arranged, and people probably want to see a movie that doesn't involve animation. Fine. (And for the record, since I know people with small children on the way soon, if I invite you over, bring your child. If they fuss, they fuss. I've knowingly invited a child into my home, so that's different.) But after an hour and a half of holding a child that is screaming its way through a movie, forget those around you, just how the heck are you enjoying the experience anymore? And if your child is obviously that unhappy, why are you ignoring that it's unhappy? Why not take he/she out for five minutes, walk around, see if you can get the child to sleep, check the diaper, whatever. This wasn't the kind of movie where five minutes is going to lose the entire, erm, plot for you.

Eventually, someone hissed silencio, por favor from the front row, and things got slightly better.

My brain doesn't quite want to grok that tomorrow is Monday.
Tags: media:movies

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