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Yesterday, I organized my closet. All the skirts are in one place, as are pants, non-button down shirts, button down shirts, and sweaters. It's amazing. I can find things. Including skirts that I haven't worn in months because I didn't realize they were hiding in the back of my closet. Now if I can just keep things this way...

I need to obtain a pair of flip flops or sandals that don't tear my feet to pieces when I wear them for more than ten minutes. If I'm going to wear skirts partly to deal with the heat, it's counterproductive to wear running shoes. But my current pair of flip flops tear up the skin between my toes (which is what I get for buying $3 flip-flops at K-mart last summer) and my feet are still healing from the blisters I got the last time I wore the fake birks to school for a day.

Next up on the organizational spree is the plastic crate of important paperwork under my desk. And the yarn. Oy.
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