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So, I think I want to drop one of my classes (Sociology of Law) and add another (Social Change). Both are 400 level soc classes that fill the same requirement; taking a look at the description for Social Change, I think it's better suited to my interests than Soc of Law. The problem is, Social Change is full. I'm going to be the first seat on the wait list, so I should get in. However, wait listing Social Change puts me at 19 hours, and they fixed TRACS so that you have to get permission to register for over 18 hours. It used to be that you could register for 21 hours and be on your merry little way. No, now you have to get a course overload form signed by your advisor. I wish there was a way to tell TRACS "I intend to drop this class as soon as I get into this other class, now, please for the love of Bob, let me do what I want."

I think I'll go ahead and just register for Social Change and drop Soc of Law. If I don't get into SC after all, I'll just do 13 hours this fall and 12 in the spring, instead of 16 and 9. Oh, the horror. (Can I graduate already? Please?)

I need to go harass someone next week and see if my minor declaration has worked its way into the system yet. And I need to go bother the poor financial aid guy with a question, too.

Edit: I quit wibbling and did it. This makes my Tuesdays/Thursdays very long, and my Monday/Wednesday/Fridays very short. Now I have no classes on Friday. :) Pity I'll be working. Maybe I can arrange to only work in the mornings on Friday or something.
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