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So, I made gnocchi tonight. I've never actually had gnocchi, let alone made them, but I'm all, oh, they're potato dumplings, how hard can they be. And they weren't that hard, but they were a lot more work than I was expecting. They turned out all right - Jeff said they were good, I thought they were a little heavy. The recipe said to start with one cup of flour and add more until you had a smooth, non-sticky dough. Well, I think I had more potato than I was supposed to, but I also think I had more flour than I was supposed to, because they were heavy, but I never got a smooth dough out of it. I'll be trying this again, after ordering them out somewhere so I have a better idea of what I'm aiming for. It was definitely a worthy experiment, though.

We went swimming this afternoon, which was nice. (Our apartment complex. as one of its only featured amenities, other than cheap rent, has a pool.) Usually it's stuffed full of kids, but this afternoon it wasn't. It was nice to get in the water for a bit and get some sun. Jeff beat me at Scrabble, which we've been playing semi-obsessively lately. It's been a nice day. :)

I don't have to be at work until 6pm tomorrow. This rocks.
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